Jeffers M. Dodge

Mr. Dodge has been in the Hollywood entertainment industry since 1976 as music producer, audio engineer, music video director, editor and A&R rep. The events of 9/11 caused him to join the Conservative Movement to fight for a better future for his son.

In 2004 Mr. Dodge founded PopUpUSA, a grassroots network in L.A. County that quickly became the most successful and unique activist group in the state. By building websites, directing documentaries, motivating volunteers and publishing over 60 monthly newsletters, Dodge developed a 90,000 plus email list of L.A. County voters. This grassroots operation is now called “The Los Angeles Conservatives Alliance.”

In 2006 Mr. Dodge ran for California’s 47th State Assembly with endorsements from Congressman Tom McCintock, Ann Coulter and others. He served as a member of the Executive Committee of both the County and State Republican Party.

In 2008 Mr. Dodge created PopModal Videos, a Pro-American video distribution portal that would become the Conservative Alternative to YouTube. Since its launch, members have uploaded more than 14,000 videos all streaming Conservative messages that have been delivered to millions of visitors.

In 2012 Mr. Dodge co-produced the wildly successful Wake Up America Rally featuring Dennis Prager and rock band Madison Rising. We had 30 sponsors, 500 donors, 12 speakers, and 4,500 people in attendance throughout the day.

Mr. Dodge has organized and promoted dozens of west coast movie screenings for conservative directors and producers as well as organized private events for conservative celebrities such as Senator Ted Cruz and Ann Coulter while they were in L.A.

In 2013 Mr. Dodge founded, as the next step after PopModal Videos, American Box Office, an online streaming service for traditional all American films.